Rasp process: It can cause roughness and hard heights on the surfaces obtained as a result of cutting tools, milling, turning, file and planing. All these roughnesses are removed with a cutting tool called rasp. The process performed with blasting is also called blasting. Rasping is a pre-painting process and completely removes rust, paint residues and other unwanted roughness on the surface. In the process with the rasp, all the protrusions and scratches on the previously processed surface are removed. Thanks to the water, the surface quality is at the highest level. This process is usually applied to machine parts that work by rubbing against each other. In this way, the wear time of the parts becomes late and the machines will last much longer. Because the smoother these surfaces, the more resistant to abrasion.

Scraper for Smooth Surfaces

When the word rasp is mentioned, the flat-mouthed and triangular tools used to smooth the surfaces come to mind. There is a sharp tip like a file on one end of the rasps. The handle is attached to this end. The rasps are designed in three different ways: triangular, straight and denture rim. Flat scraping is used on flat surfaces and triangular scraping is used on curved surfaces. Straight rasps are designed from two types of steel and are sharpened by watering. When choosing the scraper to be treated, special attention should be paid to the fact that the body is long enough to prevent vibration. Plug-in mouth scrapers are used on flat surfaces as well as flat scrapers. The only difference is that the insert is changed. Thus, it becomes much more useful. Hard metal tips are welded to the tool for blasting very small parts. Triangle rasps are used for blasting recessed and protruding surfaces. These tools are also made of good grade steel and sharpened by watering.

Rasp is Fine Workmanship

Another answer to the question of what is the scraper is the large toothed file used to remove the paint residues or remove the protrusions on an iron or wooden floor. The staff who will use the scraper must be expert. Because scraping requires fine workmanship. If the scraper is used a little too much during this fine work, a slope may occur on the surface. For this reason, it is a priority condition that the staff to do the blasting should be well trained.