Maintenance-Repair, Blasting and Painting Services of Ships


Fire Retardant Paint

It is fire retardant, non-flammable paint. It is an interior fire paint that dries on the applied surface and forms a seamless layer. It has excellent flame retardancy and is decorative. It is flame retardant in direct flame contact. It is resistant to fire. It is water-based and does not contain solvents. It is elastic and is not affected by movements. It can be easily applied to dry or slightly moist surfaces.


Paint applications are carried out within the framework of the paint plan following the surface preparations with washing, mechanical blasting and grit blasting within the scope of 2.5 years or 5 years periodic maintenance.


In addition, the surface preparations of 2.5-year or 5-year periodic maintenance of tanks or dry cargo holds that make up the load capacity of chemical ships are made, and paint applications are made in accordance with the paint plan prepared according to the load characteristics of the ships.

The word raspalamak, which means turning as a word, is the name given to the process performed during the cleaning of the surfaces. The scraper, which is a cutting tool, is used to clean the roughness on the surface. This cutting tool smooths puffs, protrusions on any surface by the function of filing and filing. This sharp and edged tool is used for trimming on previously processed floors.