As a result of the successful work of our ship maintenance and technical team for years, we have a high level of experience in all kinds of ship maintenance and repair.

We have renewed ourselves in ship repair and brought our technology to an advanced level and thus we have successfully completed many projects with our national and international customers.
Our team consists of experienced engineers and technicians who can carry out all kinds of maintenance and repair work on the ship as soon as possible, in a way that will be accepted by any class association of the ship.
Our professional staff can easily perform maintenance – repair – repair works of all sizes, from routine ship repair – maintenance to full ship oveholes.

Edit Ship Maintenance And Repair
The decks, interior spaces and exterior coatings of ships of all types and tonnages are washed, mechanical blasting and grit blasting within the scope of 2.5-year or 5-year periodic maintenance in accordance with international norms and ISO standards, and paint applications are carried out within the framework of the paint plan after surface preparations. In addition, the surface preparations of 2.5-year or 5-year periodic maintenance of tanks or dry cargo holds that make up the load capacity of chemical ships are made, and paint applications are made in accordance with the paint plan prepared according to the load characteristics of the ships.