Before painting the ship, the surface of the relevant parts should be thoroughly cleaned from dirt, dust and oil. If these negativities are not completely cleaned, they prevent the paint from adhering to the surface and then cause it to peel off and thus rust.
Sandblasting is also applied to prevent paint spillage. Different tools and methods are used for scraper.
Ship painting process is done when the surface is rusted or mechanically damaged, and also when the color changes, cracks or blisters on the surface.

Before applying the ship painting process, it is necessary to consider the drying times according to the type and brand of the paints to be made. The drying times of the paints can be found on the products or on the relevant information cards.
When painting, it is very important to consider the drying time in terms of starting and completing the work.
Among the ship painting companies, Topdağ also carries out the atmospheric situation planning at the time of operation, when considering the sequence of operation for the ship to be blasted.
In other words, if it is done outdoors, it should have information about the weather (humidity, wind, precipitation, temperature, etc.).
If necessary, sandblasting or cleaning should be done before painting the surface preparation.
In ship painting operations, first of all, attention should be paid to the cleanliness of the oil and fuel on the surface. The surface with fuel or oil should be removed from these residues and cleaned thoroughly. Detergent or thinner can be used for cleaning.
This process should then be scraped off by sandblasting or scraping.
For our company, which has the equipment of professional sandblasting companies, the scraper in its expert teams is the process of completely removing the notches, nicks, scratches and dirt on the surface to be painted. All foreign substances on the surface are removed from the surface. Subsequently, the dust on the surface to be painted should be cleaned by sweeping or air retention. The surface should then be washed again. The rust and dust-free surface can then start painting. After making sure that the paint area is completely dry, when the air temperature is between 10 and 30 degrees, it is recommended to write and / or paint the relevant surface.
If the second coat will be applied in ship painting works, the dust adhering to the surface that will remain from the first coat must be cleaned. All these operations are carried out safely by Topdağ Ship Raspa Boya.